Why did duane lee jr and leland quit

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A gave the 2 boys 48 hours before the station booted Leland and Duane Lee off the show.I thought Dog has like 9 sons,,,findiing 2 more sons should be a. LOS ANGELES (LALATE) - What happened to Duane Lee Chapman and Leland Chapman? Duane Lee Chapman and Leland leave Dog the Bounty Hunter this March. Duane Lee LOS ANGELES (LALATE) - Duane Lee Chapman leaves Dog the Bounty Hunter tonight, and Leland Chapman is next out the door. What happened to Duane Lee and why did Duane Lee the son quit Dog the Bounty Hunter ChaCha Answer: The story is that Duane Lee and Leland claim that Beth Chapman re. The shows that were missing Duane Lee and /or Leland were almost unwatchabl e. Especially the all girl episode.. Duane Lee is chosing to leave for his girlfriend.. 'Dog The Bounty Hunter': Did Leland And Duane Lee Quit The Business, Or Were They Fired? (VIDEO) Posted: 03. Updated Feb 12 2010 - Duane Lee Chapman and Leland Chapman have returned to the family business and TV show. Dog and Beth managed to convince the guys to stay Cecily stated that Duane Lee Chapman has thrown. Duane Lee , Leland and. I also believe that they were fired and did not quit the last time there. BREAKING NEWS: TMZ reporting that Leland and Duane Lee QUIT . SHOWS; SCHEDULE; VIDEO; GAMES; NEWS; COMMUNITY; SHOP; home; my home; photos; blogs; members; groups.

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